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    Leading Global Mindfulness event in India

    Mindfulness India Summit aims to address the most pressing challenges of our time and explore how our ancient wisdom and modern science can ensure our well-being, productivity, and global impact.

    With our array of engaging panels, keynotes, meet-ups, programs and workshops, MIS is committed to making this dialogue accessible, innovative, and all-encompassing. 

    A global premier event, the annual Mindfulness India Summit brings together hundreds of leaders, thinkers, scientists, policymakers, and movers and shakers from all over the world with latest insights and practices of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

    Join Our Speaker Panel

    Want to share your knowledge and experience in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, positive psychology and connect with hundreds of like-minded professionals and leaders from various fields and backgrounds?

    We are inviting speakers to join at the Mindfulness India Summit, the largest and most comprehensive event on mindfulness and EQ in India.

    To apply as a speaker, please fill out this form.

    Join Our Speaker Panel

    Want to share your knowledge and experience in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, positive psychology and connect with hundreds of like-minded professionals and leaders from various fields and backgrounds?

    We are inviting speakers to join at the Mindfulness India Summit, the largest and most comprehensive event on mindfulness and EQ in India.

    To apply as a speaker, please fill out this form.

    Past Speakers

    Dr. Ronald D.Siegel


    Dr. Ronald D. Siegel is Professor of Clinical Psychology at Harvard Medical School, Cambridge Health Alliance & University of Massachusetts Medical School, where he is teaching for over 30 years. He is Doctor of Clinical Psychology and has completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

    Dr. Siegel is an internationally acclaimed teacher on mindfulness, psychotherapy and mind–body treatment. A long-time practitioner of mindfulness practices and serves on the board of directors and faculty of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. He teaches about mindfulness and its application to psychotherapy and other fields and maintains a private clinical practice in Lincoln, Massachusetts

    Neerja Birla


    She is Chairperson of Aditya Birla World Academy and Aditya Birla Integrated School. As an educationist, she is extremely passionate about children’s education and widely promotes Mental Health, Founded Mpower, a mental health facility in Mumbai.

    Manish Behl


    Manish Behl is India’s foremost Mindfulness expert, Neuroscience Enthusiast, Mindfulness Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author, Manish is founder of Mindfulness India Summit and Mindful Science Centre  – India’s Leading Institute for Science Based Mindfulness and Intelligence Training

    Manish is an acclaimed expert in fostering ancient wisdom based mindful leadership. He brings 25 years of leadership experience coupled with latest knowledge to make change in society through experiential mindfulness workshops and leadership coaching.“Bringing Mindfulness practices backed by science to it’s birthplace”

    With Mindfulness India Summit, he created Asia’s largest platform for dialogue between leading thinkers, leaders, practitioners and educators in the field of Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. Teaching and developing leadership, team performance, igniting innovation and cultivating constructive decision making through Ancient Indian wisdom backed by Neuroscience and based practices of Social Emotional Intelligence, Compassion and Mindfulness.

    He says, “Working at senior most positions in corporate and business world, I realised how organisations and professionals lose focus from the goal and how Anxiety, Anger, Fear, Worry, Stress are few other emotions ride them which eradicate their and organisation’s success and health. I comprehended that with support of simple knowledge, correct tools and self awareness how easy is it to change these adverse situations to your advantage.” Behl

    Neil Seligman


    Neil Seligman is the Founder of The Conscious Professional, author of ‘Conscious Leadership’ and ’100 Mindfulness Meditations’, and one of the UK’s leading experts in Corporate Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Professional Resilience.

    Since 2012 The Conscious Professional has brought mindful education to clients at the level of professional excellence and Neil now regularly works with global clients such as Netflix, Hogan Lovells, Accenture, Warner Brothers, Royal Bank of Scotland, Linklaters and many more. Neil has been featured in titles ranging from the BBC, The Mirror, Psychologies Magazine, Yoga Magazine, OmYogaMagazine, Attitude, and Soul & Spirit Magazine.

    He leads Luxury Mindfulness Retreats and Soul Ignition Workshops at Champneys in the UK. His highly-regarded Conscious Coaching has enabled many to step into their highest potential, finding alignment, excellence, and joy. His Fine Art Soul Portrait photography has been commissioned and exhibited internationally and is held in private collections around the world.

    Hector García


    Hector Garcia is Author of world’s best selling book ‘Ikigai’   . In Japanese ‘Ikigai’ can be translated as “a reason for being”. Hector Garcia, a software engineer  born in Spain and lived in Japan for over years, joined forces with Francesc Miralles, one of the most charismatic modern authors in Spain, to investigate and develop the concept of ‘Ikigai

    The result was Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Performance and Happy Life — An ancient concept that’s practically changing lives by introducing people to this simple philosophy of happiness. First Time ever he is coming to India to the share concept of ‘Ikigai’ and would also be running workshop on ‘Ikigai’ Sharing life-changing tools to uncover your personal Ikigai.

    Dr. Ruth Baer


    Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Kentucky and a Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy teacher, trainer, and researcher at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, University of Oxford. Her scholarly work focuses on assessment and conceptualization of Mindfulness, effects of Mindfulness-based interventions, mechanisms of change in Mindfulness training, and professional training and ethics in the field of Mindfulness.

    Serves on the editorial boards of several peer-reviewed journals and gives talks and workshops about Mindfulness internationally. Has extensive experience in teaching and supervision of several evidence-based Mindfulness programs.

    Clif Smith


    Clif Smith is EY’s Americas Mindfulness Network leader and has developed mindfulness training programs he’s personally delivered to over 20,000 personnel. His experience and insight successfully bringing mindfulness into the corporate setting and scaling across geographies are sought after by many organizations, including major universities, corporations, leadership conferences and non-profits where he’s been invited to speak on the topic of mindfulness in the workplace or to deliver his popular keynote, “Mindful Leadership in the Modern World.”

    Before devoting his work nearly full-time to leading internal mindfulness initiatives, he was an account leader helping EY win multi-million dollar consulting engagements. He’s also held senior positions at JP Morgan Chase, Granahan McCourt Capital, and has served his country in various capacities. He’s a US Army veteran, Chinese linguist and former diplomat with over 25 years of experience successfully tackling defense, intelligence, and business-related challenges

    Clif is a certified SIY teacher, a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, and an ICF PCC certified executive coach.

    Chris Tamdjidi


    Teaches a Masterclass at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre on “Mindfulness in the workplace”

    Co-founder and Director of the Kalapa Leadership Academy, he has spent the last decade focusing on Leadership development in the fields of Mindfulness, Authentic leadership and Personal Transformation. As Director of the Kalapa Academy, he is currently leading the world’s largest study on Mindfulness in working life, in which over 40 companies are taking part. He has a Degree in Physics from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine and an MBA from UT in Austin. He has a Certificate in Contemplative Psychology and completed a systemic Organizational
    development training.

    Lakshmi C


    An experienced Human Resource leader with a history of working in the Information Technology and Services Industry,  driving organization transformation through deep functional expertise in Talent Management, Leadership Development, Organization Design, Employee Engagement and HR Delivery.

    She enjoys mentoring young women in starting their careers.

    Reena Dayal Yadav


    Innovation Management Expert. Founding Member and Member of Governing Board – Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India(CCICI). Founding member of the formal Chevening Alumni Association of India (CAI).

    Past Chairperson for Storage Networking Industry Association of India (SNIA). Certified Corporate Director and Member Institute of Directors. Patents Holder. Author of Book “Innovation Magic- The Science and Art of Innovation Management.” Chevening Fellow for Rolls Royce – Science, Innovation and Policy Leadership Program, Oxford Alumni. Tata Group Executive Leadership Program, Ross School of Business Alumni.

    Nathan S V


    Serves on the Executive Leadership and is a member of Deloitte’s Global Talent Council.

    Has over 30 years of experience in HR management, across diverse industries including Manufacturing, Hospitality, IT, Telecom, and Professional Services.

    An industry leader, mentor and an advocate of ethical leadership, he has vast experience in building and leading high-performance teams in both multinational and Indian organizations.

    Speaks regularly at several national and global forums. He was conferred the ‘Distinguished Alumnus Award’ by XLRI. He was also recognized as one of the top three Power Profiles in HR by LinkedIn for 2017.

    Ruchika Sikri


    Ruchika Sikri is passionate about developing a culture of mindfulness and compassion at workplace. Over the past 14 years, practicing yoga and meditation have been integral part of her life. At Google, she leads a team that brings Well-being Learning Programs to 80K+ employees globally.

    ​She is a teacher, founder, architect and designer of many of these programs. Ruchika believes in meeting people where they are on their path to optimal well-being and living sustainably. She lives in the bay area with her husband and two lovely children.

    Mindfulness India Summit

    3rd edition of Summit brings transformative 2-day journey with over 30+ speakers and 300+ participants, exploring the powerful role of Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and Neuroscience in building mindful leadership and well-being. Discover cutting-edge tools, practices to enhance your creativity, leadership and well-being.
    • Experience & Explore

      Immerse yourself in unique mindfulness sessions led by world's best practitioners and teachers

    • Emerging Trends

      Find latest trends and tools for mindfulness & EQ through insights shared by top researchers and neuroscientists.

    • Case Studies & ROI

      Discover inspiring success stories from top thinkers and business leaders who have used science-based mindfulnessto excel in leadership and the workplace

    Learn from Best Minds

    Keynote Speakers

    Keynote Speakers

    Powerful keynote speakers with the best minds

    Panel Discussions

    Panel Discussions

    Panel discussions with top practitioners of contemporary mindfulness

    Breakout Sessions

    Breakout Sessions

    10 experiential breakout sessions in smaller groups



    To connect with people who share the desire for a more meaningful and effective kind of leadership

    Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, growth, and leadership as you unleash your full potential. Don’t just listen, immerse yourself in a personalized experience that will transform you into a visionary leader.

    Learn from the best of the best, with mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices and tools from world-renowned experts at Google, SAP, Amazon, LinkedIn, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and IIM-A.

    These cutting-edge techniques will ignite your creativity and unlock your excellence, empowering you to create a roadmap to success that’s uniquely yours.

    Are you ready to become the leader you were meant to be? Join us today!

    What is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is the art of being fully present and aware of everything around you, from your surroundings to your body and thoughts.

    Read more

    Science of Mindfulness?

    Scientific research on mindfulness has shown that it can have a range of positive effects on mental and physical health,

    Read more

    Mindfulness at Workplace

    Mindfulness at Workplace Understand Neuroscientific approach to enhance cognitive flexibility

    Read more

    World Best Workshops

    Foundation of Mindfulness

    Neuroscience based tools and practices for Performance, Creativity and Focus

    Digital Well-Being

    Creating a radical change to develop a thriving, positive and prosperous Organization

    Mindful Workplace

    Secret to Pure Performance. Building a Mindful Culture


    Find your IKIGAI, Find your Purpose and Passion.

    Contemplative Mindfulness

    Ancient concepts with a modern approach. Happiness and Well-being

    EQ Edge

    Rewiring your brain for Leadership and Excellence with Emotional Intelligence

    Manish Behl

    Founder  Mindfulness India Summit and Mindful Science Centre

    Manish Behl is India’s foremost Mindfulness expert, Neuroscience Enthusiast, Mindfulness Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author, Manish is founder of Mindfulness India Summit and Mindful Science Centre – India’s Leading Institute for Science Based Mindfulness and Intelligence Training.

    Special Session of Last Summit by

    Dr. Daniel Goleman

    Psychologist, Award-Winning Author and Speaker on Emotional Intelligence

    Building Emotional Intelligence Through Mindfulness

    Dr Ruth Baer

    Professor Emeritus of Psychology - University of Oxford  

    A clinical psychologist, Mindfulness Researcher examining evidence-based mindfulness-based programs.Her published work is in the mindfulness field with focus on assessment and conceptualisation, outcomes of mindfulness-based interventions, mechanisms of change, and professional training and ethics.


    Chris Tamdjidi

    Founder Kalapa Leadership Academy

    Thought-provoking talks, curated-curious thinkers, great vibes! It's a must have experience. I didn’t know what to expect from my first summit and I was blown away. Between the incredible speakers, powerful breath.

    Read more

    Ashim Jolly

    Director, Business Development, WeWork India

    I was keen on understanding the real meaning of Mindfulness. They have phenomenal speakers from around the world. I saw that "Mindfulness" the term has been extended into many facets. The workshop on Mindfulness for Leaders - very important to understand and be sensitive of the teams and people they work with.

    Avi Kumar

    Zee 5

    Attended the Digital Well-being workshop, a very interesting one. Learned to be more Mindful with ourselves and not let our screens rule us. I believe Mindfulness increases Agility, Productivity which is very important for Personal and Professional Life. The knowledge and understanding I gained at the Summit will help me in increasing productivity and being more Mindful in day-to-day life.

    Chandrashekhar Chavan

    Aditya Birla Group

    The objective of attending the Summit is to gain a very deep understanding on the subject of Mindfulness. The 2-day program was very enriching with multiple thought leaders sharing their point of views on Mindfulness. The session with Daniel Goleman was outstanding. It was very thought-provoking.


    Microsoft, Hyderabad

    The Summit went very well. Learned a lot about Mindfulness here. The Workshop was really amazing. It was about employee productivity and Mindfulness application in life. experience. I didn’t know what to expect from my first summit and I was blown away. Between the incredible speakers, powerful breath.

    Hector Garcia

    Author IKIGAI

    It is my first time in India and I really enjoyed my experience here at the Summit. It is a spectacular event filled with knowledge everywhere. I am really impressed that we are being able to help the world in whatever little way we can through this Summit.

    Lalit Vermani

    Aditya Birla Capital Group

    The program details added to my curiosity of the subject and I felt it was very real according to challenges that the corporates face today. I also felt the need to know how to be Mindful and how to manage ourselves Mindfully as Leaders, how to deal with stress and become better leaders. The conference and workshops are very well-designed and I aim to go back as a better leader.

    Libu Mathew

    HPCL, Mumbai Refinery

    I was really intirgued by the topic of Mindfulness. The Summit will definitely add value to my company and myself to bring in a lot more calmness at work, like the way we take decisions and the way we relate with people. I got great insight from listening to the eminent speakers at the Summit on Mindfulness Practices and Exercises.

    Dr. Marcus Ranney

    India Head Thrive Global

    The conversation at Mindfulness India Summit, around Mindful Leadership is something that is critical in today's day and age. Summits like these convening experts, leaders, practitioners, facilitators and business leaders together to have conversations around how to be more Mindful not only at work but also as Human Beings.

    S V Nathan

    Chief Talent Officer Deloitte, India

    The Summit is an amazing gathering of people from all walks of life who are into Mindfulness. A lot of people came in from overseas to gain knowledge and contribute to it. It is a privilege to be here.

    Neerja Birla

    Founder The Aditya Birla Education Trust

    It is really great to be here at the Mindfulness India Summit. It is great work the Mindful Science Centre is doing. Because Mindfulness is an integral part of our lives. It is great that they've been able to bring it to the common man.

    Preeti Sood

    Microsoft, Hyderabad

    I came to this Summit with the thought that I need to be more Mindful at work as well as be Mindful as a parent. The Workshops are very helpful, especially IKIGAI that I attended. My interaction with the monks has left me spellbound. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Summit.

    Ranveer Brar

    Masterchef and TV Host

    It is an amazing set-up of like-minded people in like-minded quest to bring in Mindfulness for everyone. Overall it is a great Summit and I am looking forward to the next Summit.

    Rishi Dhand

    Google, Hyderabad

    I was really curious about this space, this conference. I saw that there are some really good workshops and sessions by expert, experienced speakers from over the wprld, which I did not want to miss out on, as I am a practitioner as well. My interaction with them was extremely insightful and I learned a lot.

    Sanjay Bhatia

    Chairman Mumbai Port Trust

    The Mindfulness India Summit is a completely one-of-a-kind Summit with so many International Speakers and Experts. I very happy to attend this. The team is doing a great job. It is a very successful event. Congratulations.

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    Mindful Science Centre stands as a remarkable organization that collaborates with pioneering individuals to revolutionize society. Their introduction and cultivation of positive human behavior through cutting-edge techniques in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness practices have been the cornerstone of their mission to enhance physical and mental health, ultimately building overall social and economic well-being.

    Founded by Mr Manish Behl, Mindful Science Centre is an inspiring coaching, training and research institute dedicated to unleashing potential of the mind and driving organizational growth with transformative experiences that enhance focus, manage stress, foster creativity, and boost resilience for corporates and organizations. Our team of passionate industry experts, coaches and facilitators are seasoned experts with a wealth of practical experience in resolving team and leadership issues with a collective experience of over 200 years, which they leverage to benefit their clients.

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    TAAI - Mindfulness India Summit
    Search Inside Yourself - Leadership Institute - Mindfulness India Summit
    Podar International School - Mindfulness India Summit
    Oberio International School - Mindfulness India Summit
    National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences - Mindfulness India Summit
    Munters - Mindfulness India Summit
    Lions International - Mindfulness India Summit
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    Who Should Attend?

    • Senior Business leaders and professionals
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    • Mindfulness Practitioners
    • Health and Well-being enthusiasts
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    Understanding Mindfulness

    • Learn how to use Mindfulness to create solutions to problems
    • Discover how to remove roadblocks and build growth

    Connect colleagues for meaningful partnerships

    • Network with 300+ delegates, 30+ Speakers and Top Business Leaders from India and overseas

    Practical tool kit for everyday life

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    Become a Mindful leader

    • Transform your workplace for performance
    • Build resilience and creativity

    Interact with Experts and Thought Leaders

    • Get insights on how to develop Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence
    • Understand how Mindfulness can improve your health & stress management


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