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    6 Ways To Tap Into Your Intuition

    Article Written by Manish Behl – A Global Authority on Mindfulness, Mental Health and Leadership


    Do you know that most of the high performers tap into their intuition?


    Whether you call it an instinctive feeling or a sixth sense, intuition plays significant role in our life and decision making. We use intuition on a daily basis to make critical and non critical decisions.


    Neuroscientists and psychologists have been working to explain intuition because without doubt it is one of the most powerful engines of the human mind.


    Everyday we use this basic instinct to make best decisions in our life.


    Some people have the ability to tap into this far better than others and that make them more successful than other.


    Intuition is an interesting form on intelligence which is beyond rational mind. What it means is that when you are in state of intuition your front part of brain – Pre Frontal cortex lights up.


    Famous scientist “Carl Jung” believed that humans can use what he called sense perception, which is principally the ability of the mind to bring forth ideas, images and different outcomes all from unconscious.


    In scientific terms it is a form of intelligence which is contextual, relational, holistic and does not have win or lose orientation.


    In spiritual terms it eavesdrops on universal mind and far from any judgemental behaviour.



    There are various ways of develop your this strength and tap into their intuition!




    1. Listen to your inner voice:


    Listening to your inner voice is the best way to tap into your intuition. Some people have the ability to listen to their inner voice.


    Many people approach and share that they are suffering from constant chatter in their brain and they would like to shut that off.  The problem is that they are not able to differentiate between voices as emotional reactive thoughts and inner voice.


    Inner voice comes in pure clarity of silence and guides you to make evolutionary changes.


    2. Become a Keen Observer


    Intuition is our virtuous intelligence and it eavesdrop at our subconscious mind. One who observe his environment and thought very keenly able to read this pure form of information much easily.


    Intuition not only comes in form of thoughts but it also comes in form of signs.  You have to learn to become a keen observer of your ecosystem/surrounding and its effects on you. Slowly you will learn to join the dots and tap into this mighty strength of yours.


    3. Understand your Sensations


    You must have heard that Creative people are very sensitive.


    The reason for their creativity is their ability to catch their inner feelings when they start to create something new and unique. An artist can therefore travel deep into his subconscious to can tap into his intuition.


    So the success of an artist lies in his creativity which comes from his sensitivity.


    Pay attention to your true feeling and try to differentiate from your current emotions. Once you learn how to do it you will able to focus on messages you are receiving from your subconscious mind.


    4. Deeply Connect with others


    Many times it happens that when you remember someone intently and suddenly the person just calls.  Or while talking about a person and the person magically appears.


    Also a mother gets intuitive about illness of the child even far away.


    There are hundreds of such example of deep human connection which we generally address as telepathy.


    Every thing in this universe is connected with each other. Once you deeply bond with people your relationship travels from physical plains to subliminal expanse where you can see all three dimensions of time (past, present and future).


    This human power can be developed when you connect deeply with others.  Build deeper and sincere association with people.


    Your genuine bonding will help to tap into your intuition about people and situations


    5. Give downtime to yourself


    Constantly keeping yourself busy, doing multitasking, 360 degree connectivity is sort of buzzword these days. But intuition does not thrive in such environments.  We get so busy that we fail to observe this subtle force within.


    Our physical mind does not like to kept idle and we get a sinking feeling when we feel idle.


    Give yourself enough space away from occupational every day life.  Our intuitive mind can only start to work when the mental and physical environment is completely tranquil.


    Give yourself some downtime, let your mind rest and recover from constant stress and fatigue.  This will allow the floating particles to settle and invoke suppressed power of intuition.


    6. Practicing Mindfulness


    Meditation and other mindfulness practices are an exceptional way to tap into your intuition. Mindfulness practice can connect you with your intuitive intelligence which in normal circumstances remains hidden from your conscious mind.


    Meditation provides a new dimension to your level of attentiveness and thus you float above your physical existence.


    During mindfulness you deeply concentrate on the present moment and disconnect yourself from overthinking past and future. This practice filters your unwanted chatter, emotion, anxiety and fears and connects you to your subtle or universal body. At this moment you tap into your intuition and objectively weigh your options without any disturbance from background clamors.


    By practicing meditation overtime you will be able to hear directives of your instinctive mind. Benefits of mindfulness are limitless. Your complete life will change once you start practicing Mindfulness.


    This insightful article was written by the eminent Mindfulness and Emotional Expert, Manish Behl



    About the Writer: Manish Behl 

     A distinguished Mindfulness Teacher and a leading authority on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.  A TEDx speaker, neuroscience enthusiast, and certified Leadership Coach (ICF–PCC), Manish combines ancient Indian wisdom, and practical knowledge with scientific insights, making him a world’s leading voice on Mindfulness.


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