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    Technology is transforming the way we explore and experience spirituality

    Article Written by Manish Behl – A Global Authority on Mindfulness, Mental Health and Leadership


    Technology has made promoting spiritual wellness more accessible than ever before with resources like meditation apps online spiritual communities and virtual retreats . While some see technology as a distraction many believe that integrating it with spirituality can enhance spiritual growth and provide people with access to spiritual guidance and knowledge

    Manish Behl , A Mindfulness expert , spiritual thinker , Motivational speaker and Author ,Opines

    Manish Behl , who is also the founder of a professional learning centre that is  Mindful Science Centre which  promotes and provides mindfulness and emotional intelligence training to corporates , institutes, and individuals believes that technology is revolutionizing the way we explore and experience spirituality through social media , virtual reality , online classes apps and more .

    These platforms introduce spirituality to people from diverse back grounds and lifestyles making it accessible to almost everyone, “he says As such, technology can be leveraged in various ways to enhance spiritual wellness.

    Apps for spiritual well – being

    Spiritual apps can be a powerful tool to enhance our well-being.
    “Amid fast -paced lives and a tech – savvy population, technology has made it easier to help the youth feel connects via Podcasts , meditation channels , social media platforms that organize online meet – and – greets with young spiritual leaders and messaging groups that keep them abreast of spiritual discussions. All these tech-driven methods help[ boost spirituality on a day – to – day basis,” says Dr. Vanshika Gupta Adukia, a specialist in pregnancy, childbirth, and lactations, as well as a pelvic floor physiotherapist.

    The impacts of online communities on spiritual growth (top)
    From providing a sense of belonging to helping you interact with like-minded people, online communities can be great asset for anyone on their spiritual journey “You can connect with others who have similar goals and receive encouragement, support, and guidance from them. They can help you stay on track and overcome any obstacles that may arise on your spiritual journey, “Behl adds.

    This insightful article was written by the eminent Mindfulness and Emotional Expert, Manish Behl, and was originally featured in the esteemed Newspaper publication of the Times of India dated 5 May 2023



    About the Writer: Manish Behl 

     A distinguished Mindfulness Teacher and a leading authority on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.  A TEDx speaker, neuroscience enthusiast, and certified Leadership Coach (ICF–PCC), Manish combines ancient Indian wisdom, and practical knowledge with scientific insights, making him a world’s leading voice on Mindfulness.


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