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    How Google Cultivates well-being and leadership

    Mental, Emotional and Physical well-being is extremely critical for higher performance!

    How to address fundamental aspects of emotional and mental well-being. Why organisations like Google put so much of effort and emphasis on cultivating Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

    In this enriching podcast, join moderator Manish Behl, an esteemed Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Expert and the founder of the Mindful Science Centre and Mindfulness India Summit. He engages in an insightful conversation with Ms. Ruchika Sikri, Head of Sustainability and Well-Being at Google USA.

    Dive deep into the world of well-being and leadership at Google, one of the globe’s most pioneering companies. Explore how Google prioritizes employee well-being, fostering a culture of health and happiness within its workforce. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategies, programs, and philosophies that empower Google’s employees to thrive both personally and professionally.

    Discover the secrets to creating a workplace where well-being isn’t just a concept but a way of life. Tune in and unlock the transformative potential of well-being in the context of leadership and organizational success



    MINDFULNESS INDIA SUMMIT aims to address the most pressing challenges of our time and explore how our ancient wisdom and modern science can ensure our well-being, productivity, and global impact.

    With our array of engaging panels, keynotes, meet-ups, programs and workshops, MIS is committed to making this dialogue accessible, innovative, and all-encompassing.

    A global premier event, the annual Mindfulness India Summit brings together hundreds of leaders, thinkers, scientists, policymakers, and movers and shakers from all over the world with latest insights and practices of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.


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